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Why Choose Iraa Enterprises?

Iraa Enterprises strives for customer satisfaction. We are the main distributor of Shava IPTV, Cres IPTV, IPTV 7, King IPTV and their accessories. We are providing high quality IPTV Boxes without hidden charges just pay one time and enjoy life time!

  • Shava TV Box
    “Shava”, in South Asia, is traditionally used for expressing Joy, Liberty and Appreciation. Buy Now
  • Cres IPTV
    CRES is a State- of- the- Art IPTV committed to serve the immigrants of Arab origin throughout the Globe. Buy Now
  • IPTV 7
    Its new IPTV Box with lots of new features and high quality picture resolutions. Buy Now
  • King IPTV
    Coming Soon … Coming Soon
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